3 Ways to Deal With Intense Energy

intense energy

Hey ya’ll!

Occasionally, the planetary energy gets pretty intense and that’s definitely been the case the last couple weeks. We’ve experienced erupting volcanoes, devastating earthquakes and the occasional tornado.

And, on top of that we’re in the shadow period of what’s going to be a double powerful Mercury retrograde because this time Mercury is in Gemini. Here’s a great article on that by the Astro Twins.

But, intense planetary energy is nothing new. We go through this cycle pretty regularly, not to mention all of our personal energy that can sometimes get out of whack.

So what can you do when you feel yourself being affected by the intense/ harsh energy around you?

First, you can PRAY. My personal prayer is usually something like ” Thank you God and Arch Angel Michael for shielding and protecting me from any low or harsh energy. And so it is. Amen.” This is just works for me. You can insert your own words/guides in place of mine. There’s no wrong way to pray. < Tweet That!

Second, you can always MEDITATE. Meditation is a great way to stay cool, calm, and collected when the energy is harsh. < Yep, you can tweet that too! If you need a meditation to work with check out my Three Minute Grounding Meditation.

And, third, if all else fails just SLEEP on it! Feeling overwhelmed is often a sign that you aren’t taking care of yourself and you just need to rest. < Tweet it, yo! Sleeping away the stress is a great remedy for the occasional harsh energy cycle.

To manage harsh energy pray about it, meditate through it, or sleep on it. Katie Campbell < Pin this to your favorite Pinterest board!

For the full scoop on what’s up with this energetic weather check out my latest video! Watch below or on YouTube. And if you love it or think it’s useful please, share it!




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