My Top 5 Daily Steps for Managing Anxiety

My entire life I’ve dealt with major anxiety on a daily basis.

I wake up with it and I go to sleep with it, and it’s there every minute in between unless….

I use these 5 tools to manage it, heal it, and keep it in check.

So if you have anxiety regularly, or are just having stress around your current situation, or you don’t have any anxiety per se but want tools to help you be happier in general, this video is for you!

It was taken from a LIVE broadcast I did on my Facebook page recently. If you want to be there next time I’m live and ask Qs and chat with me I’d love for you to join right here:

This video is longer than usual, about 19 minutes. But its so juicy! I didn’t want to edit anything out.

But, let me know if it’s too long for you, not long enough or just right. I’m going to be turning these vlogs into an audio only podcast to include as well so I’m trying to get a feel for how long you prefer to watch and listen to each weekly episode.

I’d love your feedback so please leave it in the comments below! I promise to read every single one.

I also want you to leave a comment for me and our community right here in this blog with your biggest take away form today’s blog. What action steps are you going to take to help soother your anxiety? Which tools resonated with you the most. Let me know!

And, as I mentioned in the video, I’m now accepting  new clients for my spiritual mentorship/ life coaching program . To get more information, sign up for a free call with me, or enroll in the one on one program click here or copy/paste this link:

Now, onto the video! I’ll “see” you there!

love, Katie




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