5 Minute Meditation: Space Between Thoughts

+ a 30 Day Meditation Challenge


This really is meditation made simple.

Since daily meditation is oh so good for your body, mind, and soul, I’m challenging you to 30 days of meditating.

Don’t worry, you only have to do 5 minutes a day, and really, that’s totally do-able. So do-able, that I’m going to take the challenge with you.

I’ve included a meditation that you can use or all 30 days, or you can choose one of your own. Watch below or on YouTube

I’ve also pinned a post to the top my Facebook page where we can all meet up and support each other, ask questions, and give testimonials.

Won’t you join us? If you’re tweeting about the challenge remember to use #fearlessblog and #30daysofmeditation so we can follow and connect with you!

Click here to listen to the meditation on YouTube

Click here to go to the Facebook post

Click here for my other meditations

See you again soon,


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