About Me

Katie Campbell

Life Coach , Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher

Katie Campbell is a life coach, yoga teacher, Reiki Master, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three. She is the host of weekly vlogs where she teaches about all of the hot topics from relationships, manifestation, finding your life’s purpose, yoga and meditation, and of course on health, healing, and happiness.

Her current greatest passion is leading others to their best life by busting through their blocks and releasing the fears that hold them back from experiencing healing and joy in every area of their life.  Read her latest blog posts here.

She also offers online and in person workshops and classes on a variety of spiritual topics, as well as spiritual healing therapies, personal life coaching, and several intuitive services. You can read more about her personal history and experiences in each of these fields below.


Life Coaching

Helping women find their passion and live their dream is Katie’s greatest joy. Through private and group coaching sessions, Katie gives women the tools they need to fearlessly fulfill their life’s purpose. She teaches techniques for overcoming fear and self doubt, staying passionate, living creatively, and manifesting your dream life.

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Katie is a certified tantric hatha yoga teacher. She completed her training with Karina Mirsky, one of Para Yoga founder Rod Stryker’s senior students. Katie has led countless yoga classes and workshops around South West Michigan and eventually went on to open her own studio. Katie has taught to all ages and skill levels and  is most passionate about leading classes that dive deep into the spiritual nature of  yoga.


In her early twenties Katie found her way, almost by accident, into the healing art of Reiki. Her Reiki teacher, Sharon Dee, was a close family friend and she decided to take her training. Reiki is a healing art that helps to realign, repair, and recharge the body’s energy system. Katie has found profound personal healing through using and working with Reiki. And, now teaches and promotes energy healing, and self healing as a way to heal the physical body, overcome fear, awaken your personal power, and align with the Divine.

Daily Inspiration

Katie is on all major social media offering guidance on fearless living, manifestation, overcoming self doubt, finding inspiration, and making your dreams a reality. To hang with Katie and get some inspiration and motivation you can find her in her Facebook Group which you can join for free by CLICKING HERE or via the link below


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