Lightworker Call To Action + Guided Visualization

Lightworker Call to Action

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Last night, I was livestreaming inside my Lightworker Business Bootcamp Facebook group. where I’m leading over 20 women in finding their mission and fully stepping into their role as a lightworker. ( Click here to join this or the next round of the Lightworker Biz Bootcamp

And, as you may already know, there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas this week. 50 people died and 500 were injured (those were the last numbers I heard – could be a little different now).

And, it didn’t scare me as much this time. I didn’t go into deep panicked fear like usual. And, it didn’t make me as angry at the shooter, as often it does.

Instead, I felt the strongest pull I’ve ever felt, to show up and do something about it – about the violence, about the injustice, about the suffering in my country, and on the whole planet.

I felt a call to action For myself, to step up and to step into my role.

I’ve always felt this strong call to “rally the lightworkers”….

to get them ready, and send them off on their mission.

Because there are many more lightworkers (healers, teachers, leaders, people in service of love and compassion). But we always… ALWAYS… will need more.

This is from a recent Facebook post I made on my “fan page”

“Lightworkers , can’t you see how much you are needed?!

Turn on the news. Stop hiding.

We need you to show up and take action.

Yes, send love and light – AND TAKE ACTION.

Donate blood to Vegas Victims today. And look for other ways to support victims during this tragedy. Post suggestions in the comments for everyone please.

Everyday general actions:

spend money meaningfully. Become a conscious consumer.

Vote for representatives and law makers who uphold the values you share.

Keep yourself healthy and strong and high vibes so that you can show up for everyone who needs you, when they need you. Because you won’t always know when that will be before it happens.

Stand up and speak up for what you believe in and SHOW UP to support causes that need your time/energy/donation/vote/signature/presence.

Step fully into your purpose and mission and do the work you were meant to. It sounds cliche and you’ve heard it before – but truly…

YOU ARE NEEDED. NOW! It’s time to get to work.

This is the short list. There is always more work to do. If you’re not sure what to do. Pray for guidance then google it ??‍♀️ <- practical advice. Let’s be real. “

Then later that evening I went inside the Lightworker Business Bootcamp and shared a beautiful guided visualization to help them, and you, connect to other lightworkers across the globe and amplify your power.

And, I share a strong call to action for all of us. you…and me… to get to work now

Watch below, or listen on itunes to the audio version since I made it this week’s podcast.

Then comment below and let me know if you’ve heard the call and how you plan to answer it. I’m here to help and support you. 

Click here to join this or the next round of the Lightworker Biz Bootcamp

Deepest love, compassion, and healing to all of you/us affected by the suffering on this planet.

And, deepest love and gratitude for those of you who are answering the call today.

I bow to you. Namaste,


PS: I know the audio and video don’t match up. My apologies – sometimes tech is funky like that. The message is still good tho 😉


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