“Am I On The Right Path?” How to Tell

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Hi Lightworker,

Let me take you back a few years ago when I was incessantly worrying about whether or not I was on the “right path”.

I had been studying yoga for a few years and teaching yoga casually for a few months. It wasn’t my full time gig, but I LOVED it! And, I was starting to feel this pull that I couldn’t ignore to start making it my main job. I was ready to switch careers, ditch my 9-5, and become a full time Lightworker. And, I was scared. There were a lot of questions that I didn’t have answer to. Like…

Did I actually have enough knowledge about this to teach it?

Would anyone really want to take a class with me?

Could I even make any money doing this? Let alone enough to quit my regular job and teach yoga full time.

What would happen if I failed? If this didn’t work out? Would I be broke? Would people make fun of me behind my back?

What if I totally suck at this?

What if I’m not supposed to do this? What If there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing?

Am I on the right path?!

I asked for guidance..like prayed every minute of every day…about it. And started to receive these undeniable signs from my angels and The Universe.

Like crazy big signs!

As in literal white doves flying over my head while I was standing outside of my future yoga studio in tears wondering where the hell I would ever come up with the rent and security deposit to be able to finally open it. And then in that exact same moment that the doves flew overhead I got a call from “Los Angeles” (I live in Michigan and have no friends in L.A) which I ignored and instead called my Dad and begged him for the money. I was sure that Los Angeles aka The Angels were telling me to make the call…but he said no! He wouldn’t loan me the money. And, to be honest, he had good reasons that I totally respect.

So I was naturally devastated…more desperate prayers

“Angels! WTF?! I thought you said I was on the right path? Am I?”

I spent that entire day in tears and panic that I had no clue what I was supposed to do with my life even though I felt this pounding, pushing, pulling force driving me towards something big, too powerful to deny. I’m meant to do something more with my life but what is it?!

Again I thought, “Why is this so hard? Why isn’t this working out for me?

Am I on the right path?”

I called my Dad again in tears and broke down…. “Dad, you have to help me do this. If this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing with my life than I don’t know what is.”

This was make or very seriously break for me. Either he helped me open this studio or I didn’t know what my purpose was.

He said yes. I opened the studio the next month.

But… I don’t teach yoga classes now, and I no longer own my studio.

So what happened? Did I make a mistake? Did I follow the wrong path because ultimately it wasn’t the thing I ended up spending the rest of my life doing?

Was I on the wrong path? Am I still?

I have no doubts. I was on the right path then. And I am on the right path now. Even though (from the outside looking in) they seem like different paths.

So….how can that be?

Watch today’s video to find out how to tell if you’re on the right path (or if you’re off it).

I know you’re going to have a major “aha!”/breakthrough watching this, so I want to hear all about it in the comments below!




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