Get Divine Guidance, Messages From Your Angels, and Connect with Your Loved Ones


Angel Messages

You’ll receive guidance from your Angels, Guardians and Guides to help you see to the heart of the matter, giving you new insights and ideas as to how best accomplish all your goals so you can live more joyfully. This is a fun and gentle way to receive guidance about all areas of your life, including but not limited to: love, career, finances, life purpose.

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readings are available via phone or Skype- please allow 30 minutes for the call

Medium Sessions

A life long clairvoyant, and skilled intuitive reader, Katie now offers angel readings and mediumship sessions over the phone! If you’ve ever received a reading with Katie you know that it can be a healing, warm, and exciting experience. This is a one of a kind opportunity to connect with your loved ones on the other side and receive Divine guidance from your angels and guides.


Here’s what clients are saying :

“My reading was just amazing. I have had so many readings in my life but, as I said to her at the end of our session, Katie’s was the ‘best reading ever!’ It was as if she knew my questions before I even asked them and I felt like I had received an intensive coaching session directly from my angels! It was pretty late when we finished the call (I’m on UK time) but I ended up staying awake most of the night because I felt so inspired to take action based on the messages I’d received. Thank you so much Katie Campbell xxxx ” Lara Greve


Katie has been doing my tarot readings for about three years. She has always exceeded my expectations and has helped me get solutions on anything from career advice to relationship advice. She gives an unbiased reading and lets the cards speak to her, she is very intuitive and lets the messages come through the cards without putting in her personal opinion. The first reading Katie gave me I was struggling in my love life. My cards said that someone would be coming into my life and that they would help me financially and emotionally. This reading also said this person would work with the earth. Two days later I met my boyfriend of two years and he is a farmer. If you are looking for some good advice via tarot cards Katie is the lady to go to!” Danielle Smith


“I saw one of Katie’s posts inviting a few of us to tune in to her Periscope that evening. So, I decided to see what she was all about. I knew she was speaking to me. I lost my brother a few months prior and she was able to connect us in a way that was undoubtably authentic. The peace in my heart and knowing he is still with me is invaluable. Katie is dialed in and darling! Thank you, Katie!” Stacey B.

Go to the calendar at the bottom of this page to schedule your private reading to connect with your angels and loved ones on the other side.

Readings are conducted over the phone or via Skype. Each 30 minute session is $111

Please contact directly Katie for in person group readings at your venue or event at


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Healing sessions are in no way meant to replace regular medical treatment and anyone receiving a Reiki or other healing treatment is still encouraged to visit a medical doctor for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Please be advised that no psychic reading can predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty.

No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Katie Campbell will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings or healing sessions.

For medical concerns, please consult with a physician.

For legal matters, please contact an attorney or law enforcement