Ask Katie: How do I tell the difference between my fear and my intuition? 2

Hi ligthworkers,

This week I has an awesome viewer questions come in as a response to this vlog I did recently on how to tell the difference between your fear and intuition.

Leanne wrote in saying that she was still confused because even though I said that your intuition typically sounds positive, she believes that sometimes her intuition does in fact sound negative.

And, furthermore when she hears her intuition telling her “no” but ignores it, the outcome is less than desirable and she ends up wishing she would have “trusted her gut”.


I LOVE talking about this and am grateful for the questions! Thank you, Leanne!

So even though I recently did a vlog on this with the same title and topic, I do explain even more about how to clearly tell whether or not you are listening to the voice of fear or your intuition.

Watch today’s video below and then leave a comment here and let me know what your biggest take-aways or AHA moment was from this video!



Still confused? Have another questions? Leave them in the comments below or email me and I may feature your questions in an upcoming vlog.



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