You’re Invited to Birthday Bash 2016!



Happy Birthday to ME!!!


Well almost…

My birthday is officially Dec 7th, but I’m kicking off my birthday season early !(I celebrate all month)

+ It’s the 1st “birthday” of my ecourse “How to Manifest Anything” last year we celebrated it’s grand opening with an epic virtual month long Manifesting Party.

+ I’ve been creating weekly vlogs for you for over a year now and it’s time we celebrate that too!

So this is your official invitation to my mega Birthday Bash!

To kick the festivities off this year, I have some cool stuff to tell you about and even GIFTS FOR YOU!!!!

#1 I’ll be posting a daily blog on my Facebook page  to highlight your most loved blogs from the past year. Check back daily! (new blogs will be back first thing Jan ’17! comment below let me know what topics you most want to discuss!) (I MAY sneak in a few bonus blogs between now and then though )

#2 I’m also gifting you with 50% OFF “How to Manifest Anything”. This offer expires midnight on Dec 7th (my actual bday). I’ll also be including some manifesting tips in the 30 days of blogs so make sure you check back here every day! get 50% off the course now:

#3 YOU’RE INVITED TO MY MONTH LONG VIRTUAL PARTY! Every day at 10am EST I’ll be LIVE video streaming on my Facebook page, where I’ll be sharing with you all of my tips for living your best life, manifesting, and more! And, you can ask me ANYTHING! tune in live right here!

#4 SOMETHING I’VE NEVER DONE BEFORE! Single Sessions of Intuitive coaching + Energy Healing + Angel Messages for just $111! Usually a 1/2 hour of just one of these services is $200. You’re getting “the works” for 2x the time and 1/2 the cost! It’s the best of the best of everything I could ever offer you and its super FUN! book yours here:…

The Birthday Bash is officially underway and  you can get all
of those goodies right now – midnight 12/7 Just follow the links 🙂

Spread the word and send me some birthday love using #HappyBdayKatie2016 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! <3

much love,
Katie Campbell