Divine Guidance and Your Inner Knowing

Your important gift inner knowing

You know how sometimes you just have a burning desire to do something? You can’t fight it. You can’t shake it off. It’s got a hold on you. That, my love, is your intuition.

Your burning desires are strong Divine guidance. And, they are there for a reason. <<click here to tweet that!

They’re leading you to your healing. They’re inspiring you to change your life. They are helping you help someone else. They are calling you to service. They are guiding you towards the abundance that you’ve been praying for.

You can trust your desires. They are leading you to your greatest good. <<click here to tweet that!

When you pray and ask for something that you need or want, like physical well being, like financial abundance, like help finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose. Your prayers, your questions, are answered through a strong internal pull towards that which would save you. You will be led. And it will feel like a strong desire to do (or not do) something.

Sometimes the intuitive hits are more like small nudges. Baby steps towards your bigger goal.

You may be led to change your diet, start exercising, read a book on money management, take a yoga class, watch a meditation video, read a blog like this one.

Sometimes they are burning desires that just won’t quit and you might be guided to take a larger action, or to act sooner rather than later.

I can’t tell what you are being led to but you are always being led. You have the answers within you.

We weren’t just abandoned on this planet and left to figure it out on our own. There are many Divine gifts available to us. And…

Your own inner knowing is the most important of your Divine gifts. <<click here to tweet that!

Your inner knowing is you connecting to Source Energy, God, the Universe, where all things are known and accessing that knowledge.

The internal pull you feel when you have an intense desire, is Divine guidance coming straight through your own intuition from your Higher self. <<click here to tweet that!

Ask yourself what the next step is. Sometimes the answer unfolds all at once, or one baby step at a time.

I have a three step process for finding the answers within. And this is it: 1) Pray 2) Meditate 3) Journal. Aka: ask, listen, process.


Watch today’s video below. Then go within. What is your higher self saying to you?

Are you being guided towards a healing? Or to share your story? Or to start or stop something?  Let me know  in the comments below. I’d love to continue this conversation with you.

Remember, your ego will try to talk  you out of your intuition. Don’t let it! Need help with that? Read/watch this: http://www.iamkatiecampbell.com/what-is-the-ego-and-how-to-stop-listening-to-it/

And, above all, please remember this:

Don’t underestimate your intuition. You really do know. <<click here to tweet that!

And please…

Don’t undervalue your Divine gifts. <<click here to tweet that!

Check out today’s video then let’s continue the conversation in the comments.

See you there!

much love,


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