Fearless Lesson 1 Fear is….

Woo! You did it! You’ve committed to being fearless! This is one of the best journeys you could ever embark on.  I am so glad you’re here. Get ready to have your world rocked!

To kick off this journey I present to you the first of four foundational lessons that you’ll need to understand the nature of your fears and how to overcome them.

Lesson 1 Fear is.. F. false E. evidence A. appearing R. real. Click this to tweet it!

Let me explain. It basically means that you are thinking about something happening when it actually isn’t, yet you experience a real, physical and emotional reaction from it. You have false evidence, the fearful thoughts that appear real to your brain which can’t tell the difference between when there is an actual physical threat to you or an imaginary one. Like watching a scary movie. What you see on the screen isn’t actually threatening to you in any way but your brain still reacts as if it were, sending you into a fight or flight response.  So even if you are imagining something fearful, for example you may have a fear of public speaking, before you even get on stage you may experience fight or flight sensations because your brain is imagining all the ways in which getting on stage could be detrimental to your wellbeing and your body is responding accordingly. kicking up your breath and heart rate so that you can run faster and fight harder. But unless there is an actual physical threat present, that response is actually doing you a disservice. We call that chronic stress.

The first step to overcoming your fear is to learn to differentiate between when there is a real threat or an imaginary one. When are your fears simply false evidence appearing real? For the next week pay attention to when your fight or flight gets triggered and which false fears might have caused the response.

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