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note* this was originally recorded in May 2017.

The Fearless Course is currently open for enrollment until January 31 2018 only!

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Does this sound like you?

You want better relationships.

To find an fulfill your purpose. 

More self confidence

You want to be able to trust your inner guidance and follow your heart

And you’re ready to finally find the love…

And manifest the money you’ve been praying for. 

But you feel stuck, blocked, confused, and frustrated. 

You’re afraid. Your worried that you don’t have the time, energy, or resource.

You think you’re not smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, successful enough…


The only thing standing in your way is you! 

Your own fear and limiting beliefs is the only thing stopping you from having everything you want.

So what can you do to overcome those fears,change your thoughts, and manifest your dreams?

If you’ve been following me lately you know that I’ve been hinting at something special that I was creating for you. Well…this is it!


I call this course Fearless 


In it I teach all of my time tested spiritual and practical tools for overcoming your fear and limiting beliefs once and for all! 


We get to the source of your fear and stop it in it’s tracks so that you don’t have to go months or years feeling stuck and blocked and frustrated and confused! 


I’ll teach you teach ancient practices that have been used for thousands of years…

and that I’ve seen work time and again with my yoga students, Reiki clients, life coaching clients, and workshop students.

…Tools like meditation, energy healing, amplifying your intuition, and how to use law of attraction to manifest anything!

I’ve been teaching these methods for over a decade and I know what it takes to actually change your beliefs and get control of your thoughts.

I don’t believe in teaching “fluff and B.S” (as you might have heard me say). In Fearless we dive deep!

You have big dreams…you want to heal others, to change careers and open your spiritual business, to become a lightworker full-time, step out of the spiritual closet…

and you want to have better relationships, more self confidence, to finally find your soul mate, and to live more authentically.

How do I know that? Because you’ve been telling me! …in emails, in comments on my blogs, and inside our Facebook community.

Every single day you tell me that you’re sick of feeling stuck and you’re ready to manifest your dreams and start living your life but you don’t know how because…

there’s a voice in your head that says..

“What if I fail?” 

“What will people think of me?”

“What if I can’t do this?”

What if I’m not good enough?”

Have you heard it?


I’m going to teach you how to silence that voice and tune into the voice of your intuition instead. So that you will feel more confident and always have clarity on what action you can take next to bring you closer to your dreams and goals. 


It’s time to stand in your power!

  • There will be lessons on identifying your biggest dream and getting super clear and specific on your most important manifesting goal so you can call it in quicker and easier.

  • Then you’ll learn how to uncover the fears and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from calling your manifestations into reality.

  • You’ll learn how to awaken and amplify your intuition to receive clear and accurate guidance from your higher self. angels, and the Universe.

  • And, you’ll receive spiritual tools and energy healing techniques for clearing away negative energy, transforming your limiting beliefs, and raising your vibes.

And most importantly you will learn how to identify the voice of fear and silence it so that you can hear the wisdom of your own inner guidance and trust it. 


So What is The Fearless Course?


The fearless course is an online training program designed to help you get crystal clear on what you’d like to manifest, uncover and release the limiting beliefs and fears that block you from taking action on your dreams.

It’s equal parts self study + live coaching with me.

You’ll get access to a students only membership site where you can unlock all of the video training, meditations, affirmations, journal prompts, and course content.

And, you’ll get access to a private students only Facebook group where I will hang out every day answering your questions and offering support

PLUS You’ll have the opportunity for a private coaching call with me.


What will you be learning?


  • How to identify your biggest fear and overcome them

  • How to identify your limiting beliefs and release them

  • How to awaken and amplify your intuition

  • How to receive clear and accurate Divine guidance

  • How to set clear goals and take action towards your dreams

  • How to manifest the life, relationships, and career you desire and deserve!

This course is about removing all the blocks that stand between you and your dreams.



in this module we cover

  • How to Get Super Specific on Your Big Dream
  • How to Make a Plan and Map Out the Action Steps That Will Get You There
  • Fearless Manifesting
  • Plus you get a prerecorded Bonus Coaching/ Q&A Session with me on these topics


in this module we cover

  • How to Identify your Biggest Fear, Blocks, and Limiting Beliefs
  • Where That Fear Came From
  • how to Transform Your Thinking
  • How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs


in this module we cover

  • Space Clearing
  • Energy Healing For Your Physical and Subtle Body to Remove Fear
  • Meditation for Fearlessness


in this module we cover

  • Identifying the Voice of the Ego
  • Identifying the Voice of Your Higher Self
  • Tuning Into Your Higher Self
  • Trusting Your Intuition


in this module we cover

  • Why You Need to Rely on Divine Support
  • Who Are Your Angels and Guides
  • Meet Your Angels
  • Receiving Signs
  • Angels Messages – How to Read Angel Cards


in this module we cover

  • Fearless Finances and Manifesting Abundance
  • Fearless Love and Healing Relationships
  • Fearlessly Fulfilling your Life’s Purpose
  • Fearless Lightworkers

MODULE 7 How to Have A Successful Transformation 

in this module we cover

  • How to Apply These Tools In a Moment of Fear
  • Daily Practices For Fearless Living
  • How to Live a Truly Fearless Life



How do I know if this course is right for me?


If you’re sick and tired of feeling stuck, blocked, and confused… and you’re ready to release your fear and take action so you can manifest your dreams… then this course is for you!

If you’re a lightworker who wants to start your spiritual business, and finally come out of the spiritual closet without fear of failure or judgement… this is for you!

If you’re ready to stop caring so much what other people think…this is for you!

If you’re ready to learn how to trust your intuition and follow your heart fearlessly… this is for you!

Who is this course NOT for? Anyone who is just fine having dreams that they never take action toward because you’re too afraid and you’re just fine feeling blocked and stuck and frustrated and you aren’t willing to do anything to change it. Don’t bother – this won’t help you. This course is for people who are ready to actually make changes in their lives and see real results 😉

HAVE A QUESTIONS FOR ME STILL? Type it in the live chat on this page! Yes, it’s really me. I’m here to answer anything! No Q is off limits! (don’t see the live chat? don’t worry! It will be back when the doors open again – meanwhile you can email me katie@katiecampbell.com )


So… does this course sound like something you want and need?

I thought so!

So here’s what you need to do….


DOORS TO THE FEARLESS COURSE LIVE ROUND ARE OPEN NOW – JAN 31st 2018 – then they will close again!


-20Days -19Hours -47Minutes -54Seconds


When you do, in addition to the Fearless Course you’ll get access to a private Facebook group I’ve created just for students of this course.

Value of that kind of sisterhood and support? Priceless!

Still “on the fence”? Read what some of my recent clients and students have said about working with me:

“Katie,  You have helped me so much in identifying my fears. It has forever changed my way of thinking. I use the tools you taught me to move forward in my everyday life. My favorite is (Whats the worst case scenario) You pushed me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in me. Thank you so much for teaching me the tools I needed To learn to make my dream a reality . ” Nikki Baum – Colie , Fearless Course student

“Katie has a lot of wisdom and experience. So listen closely to what she has to say and the right message will reach you. If you are looking for a message to guide you through your current life situation, Katie is the girl for you! Regine

“… I realized what my true purpose is. It was not even a part of my goal for this year but after what Katie told me, I now know what I need to do and what I want to do. She told me how following my passion could potentially lead to me achieving all my goals.

And I would never have discovered this passion of mine if I didn’t have that phone call with Katie. 

Honestly, I could go on and on about how much this coaching with Katie has helped me.

I learned so much more than what I anticipated….” Tricia


About me, Katie, your Fearless Course teacher…

I’m a Reiki Master teacher, certified yoga teacher, medium, life coach, wife, and mom of three wonderful boys ages 13,6, and 2 🙂

And… I had the same dreams and fears you do until I got these tools and transformed my life. well… maybe my dreams didn’t look exactly identical to yours but…

I know what it feels like to want to help others, to heal and teach and share and be a lightworker! And to be so stuck in fear of failure and judgment that you become paralyzed and feel stuck and blocked and it becomes hard to take action to make those dreams come true.

But, I got the spiritual tools I needed to help me overcome my fear and limiting beliefs. They worked so well for me that I became certified to teach some of the methods that helped me most, like yoga and energy healing. But I also learned all about manifesting, and leaning on the Divine for support and guidance.

And that’s what I teach you in the Fearless Course. the real tools that actually worked for me and helped me step out of the spiritual closet and become the successful confident lightworker I am today.

I do hope you’ll join me in the Fearless Course.

Remember, if you want to talk to me live (yes actually me!) just open that live chat box you see in the bottom right corner of this page! I’m here to help! In fact, it’s my mission and purpose. So don’t hesitate to reach out! 🙂

See you in the course!


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Not what you thought it would be? You can receive a full refund within 14 days of the course opening. (No refunds given after coaching call is complete or after 14 day.)



DOORS TO THE FEARLESS COURSE LIVE ROUND ARE OPEN NOW – JAN 31st 2018 – then they will close again!


-20Days -19Hours -47Minutes -54Seconds