Fear or Intuition? 3 Ways to Tell the Difference


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What’s the #1 question I get asked from our community?

“Katie, how do I know if what I’m hearing is just my fear or my intuition?”

So many of you have asked me this question that I thought it was finally time I made a vlog about it. (watch below)

Whenever I’m not sure if what I’m thinking and feeling is true guidance or just my fear gone wild,  I run my thoughts and feelings about the situation through this filter:

1) Does the guidance I’m receiving provide a solution or an action I can take?

Your intuition in solution oriented.

It doesn’t always provide you immediately with every single step to take from start to finish, but it will always provide you with the next step.

Sometimes the next step is something huge, like get out of that job or house or relationship… or something small like get some fresh air, meditate, or drink some water. But true inner guidance never leaves you hanging, feeling helpless and alone.

Fear (aka your ego) is usually a string of thoughts that all sound like “But, what if this (fill in the blank) terrible thing happens?!” And, it usually makes a way bigger deal about it than it actually is. And almost never gives you a positive action that will take you closer to your goal.

It just circles you back through the same fearful thoughts, keeps you feeling stuck and confused, and doesn’t proved a solution to the problem (or at least not a good one).

2) What does it feel like?

You’ve got to learn to feel it out. Empaths this is for you (Ps… everyone is an empath, some are just more sensitive than others – more on that in a future vlog)

Your body is a well oiled intuition machine! It is built to sense and interpret subtle energy and intuitive guidance.

I explain a lot about this in the video, but I’ll give you a little bit here too….\

Your. body. KNOWS!

Think about it… when you are certain that you are on the right path.. how do you feel? Calm? Excited? Relaxed? Ease? Grace? Inspired?

And, how do those emotions feel in your physical body? Where are those sensations located?

For example, if you feel emotionally happy, you will physically experience yourself smiling or laughing.

If you are emotionally excited and looking forward to something, you will physically feel butterflies in your stomach (the good kind) or your heart racing (again, in a good way.)

3) And, I always make sure that I have gotten my ego out of the way.

That’s right. you can literally ask your ego to step aside, and it will.

So give it a try! Next time you’re freaking out over what to do next, ask your ego to step aside. Does your inner voice change it’s tune? What are you hearing the same? What are you hearing or feeling that’s different?

I recommend doing a journal of your before and after experiences so you can get a clear depiction of what you truly think and feel when you do this practice.

Watch today’s video below to learn more about each of the steps in this process and start putting them into practice next time you feel uncertain and afraid.


I hope today’s vlog was helpful. And, I would love to support you more, and get to know yo better. So leave a comment below and tell me which one of these steps worked best for you.

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I’ll see you in the group, and back here next week for another vlog!

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PS: this is the vlog I mention in the video about telling if you’re listening to your ego.

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