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Lightworkers, this one’s for you!

On September 23rd I’ll be hosting a free online workshop where I’ll be sharing my tools for learning how to access your gifts, tap into your inner knowing, and switch on your light so that you can shine bright as a leader and a change maker.

I’m in the business of changing lives and changing the world. And so are you!

If you were led to this blog, and then my website, and now this workshop, it’s pretty clear that you’re meant to be here. You’re following you’re heart and it is leading you to your best and highest good.

There is a part of you that knows that you were meant for more, that you’re here for a reason. That your desires are there for a reason. That your special gifts, talents, skills, abilities and interests are there for a reason.

You are a lightworker. You’re here to help heal the world. And, that happens one life at a time, starting with yours.

So, please join me for this free online workshop on September 23rd where I will give you the steps, the process, and the coaching you need to finally own your light.

Here’s what we’ll be discussing:

  • finding your life’s purpose

  • stepping into your role as a lightworker

  • releasing the fears that hold you back

  • awakening your gifts

  • getting Divine support

  • starting and growing your spiritual business

  • manifesting money and clients

  • and so much more!

There will be tons of opportunity for Q&A with me and ongoing discussion with our community.

This free workshop will be hold from 6-8pm EST on Friday Sept 23rd online and replays will be emailed to you afterwards incase you can’t make it live.

 Sign up for free below.

I’ll see you there.

much love,


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