How I’m staying Healthy & Happy This Year (New Year, New You! with doTerra)

how I'm staying healthy & happy this year

If you’ve been wanting to get back on track with your self care, self love, health & wellness, or spiritual practices… this is for you!

Anytime I have a major transition, like a birthday or at the new year, I start with doing this practice of going back and looking at what worked and what didn’t.

Watch or listen to my recent podcast/vlog on Letting Go of What no Longer Serves You to find out how I detox from everything that isn’t working how I want it to or serving my best and highest good. (after this though! keep reading)

Then, I look at everything that I want to keep doing, do more of, or want to start doing.

Some things I am committing do starting or doing more of are:

*cultivating deeper more meaningful relationships

*honoring and taking care of my body

*keeping my house cleaner and more organized

*having regular weekly and daily self care rituals

and more…

in this podcast I share some of those things and the tools I’m using to have a better self care practice this year.

The doTerra products I mention in this episode are:

The Yoga Collection (Anchor, Align and Arise)  to help me recommit to my yoga and meditation practice

Motivate Blend from the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit to help me wake up earlier and get to the gym!

Terra Greens – to add to my green smoothies for extra veggie goodness

Cleanse & Restore Kit – to help me detox and finally start taking supplements!*

Lemon & Digest Zenfor my drinking water , to help with digestion

Rose Oil – because Divine feminine yo

Frankincense and Lavender – for better sleep and relaxation, and for amazing baths! PLus they’re both great for your skin! bonus!

Forgive, Console, and Peace blends from the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit – for when I journal and do deep inner work 

On Guard Toothpaste and Foaming Hand Wash – because hygiene and germs – duh!

FEARLESS BLEND – only for new doTerra team members and new Fearless Course students! Want it? Join my team at ! or join the fearless course here: The Fearless Course

*(PS: lemme know if you want to do a 30 day detox with me in February – if you do, order this kit then email me )

Get them all at and join my team while you’re at it! I’m always looking for inspired women who want to empower themselves with better health, more happiness, and of course financial freedom!

I would love to support you in starting and growing your doterra business! email me or go to and follow the steps on the page to join my team!

(** the 100 LRP point bonus has expired. sorry for any confusion)

OOH! and.. I almost forgot to tell you!!!!

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