Is My Intuition Wrong?

So, I posted this blog about tuning into your higher self to receive intuitive guidance. And, I got tons of feedback  and great questions from the fearless community. Including this great questions, “What if my intuition is wrong?”

And here’s the long and short of it. Your intuition is never wrong but how you perceive, receive, or block the answer can cause a misinterpretation of the information.

Your emotions will always guide you to the best course of action. Your joy will always lead you to the best choice for the highest good of yourself and all involved.  It is the duty of your higher self to keep you tuned into joyful energy so that you receive Divine guidance and stay on your path.

Learn how to connect to your higher self. And Learn how to tune out the ego.

affirmation I always choose the most joyful choice. Tweet that! then Pin this pic to your favorite Pinterest board!

Remembering to always choose the most joyful choice will keep you tuned into your intuition so that you’ll always know the right action to take.

I dive in deeper in the video so be sure to watch it below or on YouTube

Catch ya later!




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