The Book

“Fear Less, Live More”

forthcoming book by author Katie Campbell


Why I Wrote My Book

“Fear Less, Live More” is a practical and inspirational guide to overcoming the ego and creating a joy filled, purposeful life.

Once upon a time I was significantly more fearful than I was fearless and I wasn’t enjoying myself very much. Not because I didn’t have a great life, I did!  It’s just that I was so worried about having enough money, and what other people thought of me, and if I was good enough,  smart enough,  pretty enough…that it was impossible for me to give up those thoughts long enough to have fun.

It took a little meditating, a stack of spirituality and self help books, a yoga mat, and some major mental strength but I finally was able to get out of my funk and live my life as joyfully as I intended to.

I knew I had to share with all of you anything that I had to offer that could help you live more joyfully also.

I am proud to say that I am truly happy. I have fun every day and am finally fully enjoying my life.

I can’t wait for my book to be printed so that I can share my tools with you!

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