Lesson 4… Fear is a Lack of Knowledge

Fear is a lack of knowledge. Or better yet, a lack of information. Light (aka love) is information. Darkness (aka fear) is a lack of information.

Think about it. You don’t experience fear when you have a certainty that everything is going perfectly according to plan. You don’t experience fear when you know for sure that something is going to be fun, or work out to your benefit.

But you do experience fear sometimes when you have no idea what’s going to happen next. That lack of information sends your mind into a downward “what if- worse case scenario” spiral.

Those big bad ugly “what ifs” is your brain trying to fill in the blanks, trying to fill in the gap where there is a lack of information. It’s that precise process that is causing unnecessary mental drama and chaos and more importantly, unwanted stress.

It’s a pretty easy process to grasp. What’s the first thing you do when road tripping to a town you’ve never been to? You get a map or turn on the GPS, right? You gather information.

And just like getting a road map to find the necessary information to get your to your physical destination…

Your intuition is the road map to your life. < click this to tweet that.

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So next time you feel yourself spiraling into the what-ifs, try to gather as much external data as you can, examine all the possible scenarios, best and worst. Then, turn inward and follow the path that gives you the most relief, causes the less stress or internal drama, and gives you the most joy.

It’s okay to take the easy way if that’s what makes you happiest! < Click this to tweet that!

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I love that you’re on this journey with me.

Thanks so much for doing all you can to be fearless!

I am here to support you every step of the way. And there’s plenty more where this came from!

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