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I’m so glad that you’re here. You’ve follow an intuitive instinct or perhaps some Divine Guidance. You’ve been seeking answers, a better understanding of your gifts, and how to use them. And, I’m here o help you and support you in the unfolding of your journey.

You’ve felt and experienced an unseen energy, you know you’re different…

 You see, hear, and feel things that others don’t.

You feel called to awaken and share your gifts so that you can heal, you’re an empath, a helper, a teacher, a healer.

You are becoming powerful, and wise, and are ready to learn more.

But, you need some help, someone to show you the way. A guide on your path.


You need the techniques, tools, and process for awakening your Divine gifts, mastering them, and sharing them with the world.


You might feel that you have access to an inner knowing but don’t have the exact tools to clearly hear Divine guidance.

Maybe you’re a healer or a teacher who needs help getting started in your spiritual career.

Or maybe, you’re curious about what you’ve learned so far but are ready to go deeper and aren’t sure where to begin.

You want clarity, direction, purpose, and guidance from both the Divine and someone who can lead you in practical “down to earth” ways so that you can actually use the spiritual tools you’re learning.


You’re ready to open your heart, hone your gifts, and live the life you dream of, and you need a teacher to guide you through it effortlessly and clear out the confusion so you can clearly see and follow your path.


I’m Katie Campbell. I’m a medium, an angel communicator, a Reiki master teacher (energy healer), yoga and meditation teacher, master manifestor and coach. For the past decade I’ve been sharing my gifts professionally and teaching others like yourself how to do what I do. My passion and pride is giving lightworkers the tools and process for owning their power, reclaiming their light, and living their best life.

I remember what it was like to be so sensitive to the energy around me and to not have anyone who could help me understand what I was seeing/sensing or what to do about it.

A lifelong clairvoyant and medium I would often sense energy and Spirit as a small child but of course my parents didn’t understand what was going on and couldn’t help so I became confused and afraid very quickly. But I remained aware and very curious about what I was receiving. I could often sense and communicate with celestial beings (angels and ascended masters) , I could sometimes tell when and why someone close to me was sick. And I was very sensitive to the energy and emotions of others (an empath). This was especially hard to deal with when I transitioned out of my small private elementary school and into a large public highschool. Suddenly there was too much chaos and I began skipping class to avoid it because it created so much anxiety within me.

But soon after graduating highschool I began to search for tools that could help me overcome that anxiety and live a happier healthier life. I didn’t seek out a spiritual teacher, I just wanted to feel better. But what I found was yoga and meditation. 5 minutes into my first class I felt a powerful healing and awakening taking place, and everything in my life shifted from there.

I went on to study yoga under a teacher and  began to teach yoga myself, and opened my own studio. I was soon after led to my Reiki teacher and began studying energy healing. Opening myself up in this way helped me to recall my mediumship skills and I began working again with my angels and guides and then giving “readings” professionally.

Today I reach people all over the world with my online courses, blog, and workshops that help other Lightworkers, in the same way I needed help and guidance.

Having teachers to guide me, and staying curious about and exercising my gifts and abilities is what led me to the success and well being I have now.  I learned many “tools” for my “spiritual tool-belt” that I am blessed to use and share every day. It’s what keep me happy, healthy, and tuned in.


Are you’re ready to live a fully awakened, tuned in, joyful, healthy, life of wellbeing?


Do you desire to reclaim your Divine gifts and finally own your light?

Are you ready to live how you were always meant to, authentically and with grace & ease with full access to your Divine gifts.


What if I told you there was a way to get everything you want and need? What if you could have access to my spiritual “tools” and all the support you need to be a full time lightworker?


I am here to help and support you. in fact I’ve made it my mission to get everything I know into the hands of as many lightworkers as possible.


I’ve created an online “school” for lightworkers, a training academy that will give you all the coaching and tools you need to finally live that tuned in, wide awake, joyful, life in the light that you’re dreaming of. introducing…




And, this is my official invitation for you to join.


Each month we will discuss a new topic, things like Discovering your Psychic Super Power, Meeting Your Angels, Working With Spirit Guides, Using Crystals, Energy Healing, Finding your Tribe, Manifesting, and so much more.


And, it’s all on one single webpage and 100% online so it’ neat and easy to access.


Here’s what you get each month:

1 new 60 minute workshop (a different topic each month)

+ A Practice or Exercise to use all month long to help you master the tool I’m teaching you

+ A guided meditation and prayer (audio & video available) to keep you energetically in tune with that months content

+ Access to the Lightworker Academy Archives Library so you can access all the workshops, anytime!

+ Get 2 Months FREE when You Enroll in a Yearly Membership!


September’s workshop will be on ” Awakening Your Divine Gifts” and October’s will be on “Your Psychic Superpowers – the “Clairs’ “


It’s everything a Lightworker could ever dream of.  If something like this would have existed 10 years ago when I started my journey, it would have been the answer to 1,000s of my prayers. The workshops are digestible, easy to access and understand, enlightening and FUN!


Want a sneak peek?


When you join now, before the public grand opening on 9/23, you’ll get VIP access to a special workshop that is ONLY for Sneak Peek VIP Ligthworkers! And, you’ll be automatically enrolled to receive next month’s content when it becomes available on Oct 5th.

Watch a short excerpt from the workshop right now and if you want more scroll to the bottom to enroll 🙂

I am thrilled and honored to guide you towards all that you already are. I’m excited to be able to share everything that I’ve learned with you in such a fun and easy way.

I’ve been a student and a teacher of spiritual tools and philosophies for over a decade (really my whole life) and I’ve never seen anything like this before.

But you know what? You actually asked for it. I’m doing this because my clients and students said this is what they wanted.

I sent out a survey to the thousands of existing clients, students, and lightworker who follow me across social media and overwhelmingly the reply was that this type of monthly e-academy was exactly what they had been searching for. A teacher, a coach, a community, all in one place.

I can expertly guide you if you let me…but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Here’s what clients are already saying about working with me:

“I saw one of Katie’s posts inviting a few of us to tune in to her Periscope that evening. So, I decided to see what she was all about. I knew she was speaking to me. I lost my brother a few months prior and she was able to connect us in a way that was undoubtably authentic. The peace in my heart and knowing he is still with me is invaluable. Katie is dialed in and darling! Thank you, Katie!”


Ready to dive in?


For just $10 a month you can have access to the 60 minute workshops, the meditations, exercises, and more.


It will all be hosted on one neat page so you can easily follow along.

New content will be covered each month. And, I’ll email you the link to new content as soon as it’s available at the beginning of each month (around the 5th).


Join before September 23rd and get VP sneak peek content to keep forever.

 + Get 2 Months FREE when You Enroll in a Yearly Membership!



PS: you can also purchase a yearly membership and get 2 months of Lightworker Academy for FREE (total cost $100, saves $20!!) < look for this option when you check out!



What is the cost? $10 a month automatically billed monthly depending on when you initially start your subscription.

Are there any discounts? YES! Save $20 when you purchase an annual subscription.

Do you offer refunds? No, but you can unsubscribe at anytime. If you’ve bought yearly subscription you will be refunded for the remainder of the year. but, we can not refunded for months current or past, you can only unsubscribe to avoid the coming month’s charge. And you can rejoin again anytime.

What if I don’t like the content? You’ll have access to the archives so there will always be something to love! And, the coming month’s topic will be told to you before you are billed so you have time to cancel your monthly membership if you do not wish to enroll for that month.

What if it’s too much or too confusing? I’m sure it won’t be. I’ve designed this specifically for grace & ease and the lightworkers on our community across all social media are here to support you and answer questions as am I anytime you need me!

When subscribe do I get immediate access to the current month? YES! PLUS all of the archived workshops, meditations, and the complete library.

When will I be billed? your payment will  be automatically withdrawn through our payment processor at the 1st of every month.

When can I access the new month’s content? On the 5th of every month, new content is delivered via email as long as your payments are in good standing.

What happens if I miss a payment? Your account will be paused and you will not be able to access any content until you resolve the issue.

How long can I access the content for? Each month’s content is added to the archives at the end of the month before the new content is releaed, but you can access the archives/ library anytime!

OK, Katie I want in but I’m a little nervous. Don’t be! You were born for this! And, I’ve created this with exactly you in mind. Plus, you will meet many new like minded friends a you being to reach out to the lightworkers in our community across all my social media platforms and introduce yourself in the comments below each months content where you can ask questions and get support. I’ve bought something like this before and I didn’t like it/ it didn’t work out / was too woo woo / was too confusing.. there’s no risk, remember? you can unsubscribe anytime!

Can I buy this for a friend? SURE! just check out with their name and email address when you make your purchase for them so that it can be delivered to their inbox, and make sure that you let them know it’s coming so they are on the look out and don’t delete it by mistake. email me if you need help with this * you may also sponsor a lightworkers through our scholarship program, email me for this option.

But I can’t afford the fee… It’s $10/ month, less if you buy yearly subscription… That’s less than lunch! or a Frappucino in some cases! It’s a very small expenses for life changing information, coaching, and resources. If this workshop was a local in-person class it could be worth hundreds of dollars.

I believe you’ve been led to this for a reason. I know I can help you, guide you, teach you tools that you will love and use for the rest of your life.

Here’s what another client has said about working with me:

Katie has been doing my tarot readings for about three years. She has always exceeded my expectations and has helped me get solutions on anything from career advice to relationship advice … Katie is the lady to go to!”


Enroll in Lightworker Academy Online Monthly Workshops now (before Sept 23rd) & receive a special month’s worth of content that is only for Sneak Peek VIP Lightworkers!  And, you’ll be automatically enrolled to receive next month’s content when it becomes available on Oct 5th.

If you still have Qs and want to reach out to me directly you can email me at

And remember, you can unsubscribe anytime if you decided it isn’t for you.

If you want to awaken you gifts, access your intuition, and learn spiritual tools for living your best life this program is for YOU!

Lightworker academy is everything you need to step into your role as a Lightworker


but just to remind you…


When you enroll now you’ll get:

 1 new 60 minute workshop (a different topic each month)

+ A Practice or Exercise to use all month long to help you master the tool I’m teaching you

+ A guided meditation and prayer (audio & video available) to keep you energetically in tune with that months content 

+ join before 9/23 and keep the VIP content forever before it’s put “in the vault”

+ Access to the Lightworker Academy Archives Library so you can access all the workshops, anytime!

 + Get 2 Months FREE when You Enroll in a Yearly Membership!


September’s VIP workshop will be on ” Awakening Your Divine Gifts” and October’s will be on “Your Psychic Superpowers – the “Clairs’ “




Get two months FREE when you enroll in annual membership


need help? email after reading through this page including the FAQ again 🙂

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Due to the nature of the product/service, no refunds will be given at any time or for any reason.

Healing sessions are in no way meant to replace regular medical treatment and anyone receiving a Reiki or other healing treatment, information, or advice is still encouraged to visit a medical doctor for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Please be advised that no psychic reading can predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty.

No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Katie Campbell will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings or healing sessions, courses, or as a result of any information provided during the course of online trainings, paid or free, or from any action taken based on anything provided on this site.

For medical concerns, please consult with a physician.

For mental health issues please seek help from a mental health professional.

For legal matters, please contact an attorney or law enforcement

I Kathleen Campbell , claim to be none of these things and can not be held responsible for any action you take based on any information given or received here

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