How to Make Your Vision Board Actually WORK!

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Have you ever made a vision board? Has it actually worked? If you are using vision boards, but they aren’t working for you. This could be why!

There are two key steps in making your vision board that you’re probably missing.

1) You could be filling it with a bunch of stuff you don’t actually care about having so you ignore it after the initial cut and paste.

2) You aren’t doing the actual WORK required to make the manifesting start.

And today we’re talking about that second step (assuming you really do want everything that’s on your vision board this year).

So let me ask you this…

After you create your vision board, do you hang it up where you can see it every day? What do you do after that? Do you actually stop and look at it? Do you take time to do your creative visualization and affirmations when you do?

If not, watch today’s video to find out why skipping the creative visualization is the missing link in your manifestation process.

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