Attract your Soul Mate & Manifesting True & Lasting Love

Attract your Soul Mate & Manifesting True & Lasting Love

On this episode I’m sharing with you my best processess for attracting / manifesting true love…. I’m tlaking soul mates, bffs, your tribe, ideal customers, babies! And anyone else you need in your life right now.

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In this episode I kick us off with a special message from your angels. But you’ll have to watch or listen to get it. so press that play button, baby!

So here’s the scoop…

you are so beyond worthy and deserving of love. real love. true, deep, lasting love.

You are so beyond worthy of loving yourself.

of attracting the best clients and most supportive and uplifting friends…

And I feel like I’m basically an expert on this subject since I’ve been happily married for almost an entire decade, and created a wonderful loving family with my husband and our three boys, and one furbaby, Frank.

But I’m also super great at attracting the most awesome tribe of women who uplift and support each other. Hang out with us in our Facebook group here:

So here are my steps for attracting true and lasting love… finding your tribe…ideal clients…all of it:

Grab your journal – you’ve got work to do:

#1 get clear and specific on what it would FEEL like to be in your ideal perfect relationships, whatever that means to you.

And, on what experiences are important for you to have inside of your perfect relationships.

#2 Create space in your life, home, calendar, etc for your new relationship to exist, grow, and thrive. Watch for the specifics on this one.

#3 Focus on being the best version of yourself possible – great tips in the video/podcast for this step. press play now!

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Next week we’ll be talking about Healing Toxic Relationships. ooohhh! juicy right?! I’m excited for that one. Aren’t you?!

See you in the next one!

much love,


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