Meditation for Self Love for All My Valentine’s 2

Because you are the most important person to give love to this Valentine’s Day, I have created this short meditation video for you. And, my Valentine, Kyle Campbell, made all the beautiful music you hear in the background. Enjoy!

Sit comfortably with spine straight and chin slightly tucked.

Allow your eyes to close.

Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale.

Allow your breath to soften and slow and your body to relax.

Become aware of your breath.
Breathing soft and slow, in…and out…

As you are breathing imagine that there is a soft pink light about the size of your fist glowing at your heart center. However you envision this light is perfect.

This soft pink light gently pulses with your breath. As you inhale it gets larger and brighter and as you exhale it flickers and dims slightly.  Brightening again with the next inhale. Hold your awareness on this soft pink light pulsating at your heart center.

Imagine breathing into that light, giving it strength and power. With each inhalation the light grows brighter and bigger.

As you continue breathing into this light you notice that it no longer dims on the exhale. Instead the light continues to grow. As you breath into the light it seems to inflate and expand an inch at a time.

As you focus deeper on the light you become aware that this light is your higher heart. This is where you find the love and compassion that you have for yourself. You breath into the light and it glows brighter. As it glows you feel a sensation of warmth washing over your chest and between your shoulder blades.

You breath into the light again and are overcome with a sense of self forgiveness.  You no longer feel burdened by anything that you have or have not done.

You breath in deeply and the warm pink light expands to encompass your entire torso. Your arms and abdomen feel warm as you are bathed in pink light. You feel lighter….joyful. You breath in deeply again and the light grows once more to encompass your entire body. You’ve never felt such peace and love before. Allow yourself to bask in the sensation of being fully at peace as you are cocooned in the light knowing that you are safe here.

You may stay as long as you like returning to the waking world only when you feel ready.

When you are ready to return place your hand on your heart center and remember that you can return to this place of safety and peace whenever you like because this love is always within you.

As you are ready slowly open your eyes. Your practice is complete.




Love, Katie


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