There’s no Such Thing as Fearless

Ready to Ditch Fear and Go for Your Dreams? Watch This: 

Welcome to your FEARless life! YAY!

But, before we go further I need to clarify something. When I say “fearless” I don’t mean that you will be living completely free from fear. Quite the opposite.

There’s no guru, or yoga class, or vlog, or amount of meditation you can do that will ever be able to stop a fearful thought from ever crossing your mind again. It. just. ain’t. happenin’.

You see, you can never really get rid of fear entirely. It’s part of your human experience and it will always be there. In fact, you need it to keep you alive. (Fight or flight response anyone?) It’s not going anywhere. And, you don’t want it to, trust me.

However, you don’t want to live in a constant state of fear…

Always worrying about bills, or your health, or what other people think if you, or if you’re “on the right path”…

Sound familiar?

That type of fear, that comes straight from your ego, isn’t something you want to listen to. It isn’t saving your life, in fact it isn’t doing you much good at all.

That type of negative thinking is what’s holding you back from being the best version of yourself possible and from living the life you dream of. And, that is the type of fear I’ll be giving you the tools to conquer.

If you’ve been with me for a while you might have heard me say that this type of FEARless living is what I call living “life in the light”.

I want you to have the tools to move past your fear and say yes to your life

Say yes to the job, the blind date, the career change, to coming out of the spiritual closet, to coming out of any type of closet!

…to stop hiding and to start shining your light.

I want you to embrace FEARless – ness, and to stop holding yourself back and go for your dreams!

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OH YEAH! I almost forgot….

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See you again soon, lightworker!

much love,





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