How to Overcome the Ego {The Source of All Your Fears}

How to Overcome your Ego the Source of All Your Fears with Katie Campbell (Fearless blog)

Welcome back lightworkers,

This is the 3rd vlog in this year’s Fearless video series! Thank you for showing up each week and doing this work. You rock!

Today I want to talk to you about your ego. It’s big and out of control. But, don’t worry. So is mine. So is everyone’s. Nothing personal 😉

Everyone has an ego. And, you may or may not know this already but….

Your ego is the source of all of your fears. In essence, your ego is what causes you to believe that you are separate from God/The Universe. It’s what makes you forget that YOU are Divine.

Every time you have a fearful thought it is because you have forgotten your Divinity and your connection to God.

I once heard Dr. Wayne Dyer share this cool acronym for the ego. E.G.O = Edging God Out.

I LOVE that! It’s a quick and easy way to check yourself and identify if you are in fear or tuned into your higherself and the divine. (read more about that here – this is the vlog I mention in the video, you can also read this blog on connecting to your higherself)

Are you edging God out?

We all are some of the time. So watch today’s vlog and get my advice for overcoming the ego, remembering your Divinity and releasing the fears that hold you back.

After you watch leave me a comment below and let me know how you have been ” edging God out” and if you do the meditation I mentioned, how well it worked for you.

And, if you have a friend that could benefit from this please share it with them!

VIDEO BELOW (all the links I mention in the video are below too)

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