Happy Holidays, Lightworkers! I’m having a blast doing some online shopping for all of my lightworker friends ( and myself) and I want to share […]

2016 Lightworker Gift Guide

Current situation: writing this blog for you while I snuggle my toddler on the couch. I feel beyond blessed. I have a life that I […]

5 Steps to Healing Your Whole Life

Are you super sensitive to the energy around you? Do you sometimes know when someone is sick or why? Or when someone is pregnant? Do […]

Discover Your Gifts

There is a desperate need for more lightworkers. Just like we need to eat to survive, not once, but again and again everyday… the world […]

You Are Divinely Supported

Hi Lightworkers, I’m very excited to share today’s #lifeinthelight video blog “episode” with you. (watch below). This video is all about answering the call to serve. You’ve […]

Your Desires Are Leading You to Your Purpose