Replay: Why You Feel Ungrounded + 3 ways to Get Grounded Fast


I asked our Facebook group what they most wanted to discuss in this week’s #fearlessfridaywithkatie live stream on my Facebook page. And Nikki, one of our members, said this:

“What things take away from grounding? I’m hearing chocolate, breaking your tailbone… I’ve never heard of such things.” Nikki 

And, since that was such a perfect question I dedicated this entire live stream to giving you the answer to…



I shared my 3 Steps to Getting Grounded Fast.

I’ve shared this in a previous blog, which you can read/watch here:

And, yes, I reference this blog in the video.

I also mention a couple other links…

My 3 Minute Grounding Meditation which you can get here:

And, a previous blog of mine on How to Deal With Intense Energy, watch that here:


Watch the replay of this week’s live stream then tell me in the comments which of my 3 tools to get un-grounded are you most excited to try?

  1. Going outside & using the crystal core visualization
  2. Focusing your attention using your senses
  3. Pranayam / Centered Breathing

PS: In the video I spell ayurveda wrong <this is the correct spelling if you want to do some research #imhuman

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