Spending Money as a Spiritual Practice


If you have big manifesting goals, you may want to try this unexpected trick to create abundance faster… spending money as a spiritual practice!

I am so good about spending money on high quality and high dollar items that benefit my whole family, like fresh organic produce and a super safe new vehicle to drive the kids to school in.

But, I’m terrible about buying high quality or expensive items for myself. Can you relate?

This seems to be common for Moms. We’re totally cool with buying the kids the name brand clothes, but we shop the clearance section of the big box stores. Am I right?

Well… all that’s about to change! This year I am committed to upgrading my life and especially how I spend money on myself.

let me rephrase….

I am committed to joyfully investing in my own happiness.

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And, part of being able to make that commitment is to know that I am worth it. Cue that 5th Harmony song….

But, how is all of this going to help me manifest more financial abundance? And how can it help you?

Well…. I”‘ll tell you!





When you don’t spend money on yourself it can often be a reflection of a lack mentality.

Tell me in the comments if you have any of these beliefs:

“I can’t spend money on myself because I can’t afford it.”

“If I buy this then I can’t buy that.”

“I don’t really need this even though I want it, so I shouldn’t buy it.”

“I’ll feel guilty if I buy this because I don’t really feel deserving of it.”

“This is good for rich/fancy people but I don’t need it.”


All of these thoughts come from the fear that there isn’t enough money available to you to spend freely on what you truly desire. Or it is a reflection of your lack of self worth, you don’t feel worthy of having money spent on you. <I’m often guilty of this. I tend to shy away from receiving gifts…. but I’m working on it!

And every time you send the signal out to the Universe that you believe there isn’t enough, the Universe sends back to you more experiences of “not enough”. You are affirming your lack ,and manifesting more lack.

So to change your vibration and attract abundance you need to start affirming that there is more than enough money for all of your wants and needs. And in return you will experience there being enough. It’s law of attraction!

That includes spending money on yourself.


So let’s affirm again…

“I am worthy of having money spent on me.” Tweet it or pin it or if you affirmed it with me just now!







I dive so much deeper into this topic in today’s vlog and offer my tips for starting to spend money in an abundant and joyful way.


Please check it out below then leave me a comment here on the blog and let me know what your biggest takeaway was and how I can continue to support you.

Have any questions? I want to here them in the comments section and I’ll come back to answer them for you there!



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