Business Coaching for Lightworkers

The world needs more lightworkers.

More people who create peace, who live for joy, and who live to serve.

You have a higher calling. And, you’ve felt it. That stirring in your soul that says, “There has to be something more. I know I’m meant to do something, but what?”

That “what”, is to….

 Turn your passion, your service into a meaningful career that is not only joyful but bring financial abundance as well.

You were always meant to use your unique gifts, skills, talent, art, and abilities to shift the energy of the world. Whether that’s one client or piece of artwork at a time, or in small groups online or in your local community, or maybe you’re mean to go big and reach a national or global audience and spread your craft and passion on a larger platform.


Hi, I’m Katie Campbell.

I’m a coach, healer, yoga teacher, and wife and mother of 3. I’ve been a ‘spiritual entrepreneur” my entire adult life. In my early twenties I started teaching yoga on the beach in my hometown under my own name because there weren’t any studios to work for. That became so popular that I opened my own studio. Soon enough I added Reiki and Intuitive Readings as my services and transformed into a “yoga studio and healing arts center”. But, not long after that I started getting the urge to take my message to a large audience and moved my business online. Now, I offer life and business coaching, and am the creator of several e-courses including “How to Manifest Anything”.

I’ve had my ups and downs in the business world before learning how to have consistent success, but one thing is certain….

YOU CAN AND SHOULD be making money while living your purpose and serving the world.

I’ve done and so can you. Let me show you how!

Together we will discover your purpose, release the fears that hold you back, and create a strategy for turning your big dreams into reality.

Here’s what coaching clients are saying about working with me:

“Katie has a lot of wisdom and experience. So listen closely to what she has to say and the right message will reach you. If you are looking for a message to guide you through your current life situation, Katie is the girl for you!” Regina

If you’re ready to live the life you were meant to and create a business that not only makes money, but helps others, and brings you infinite joy…

sign up below for a FREE 30 minute mini coaching sessions and let’s get started!