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For the past decade I’ve been working hard on myself. I used to have to have a lot of anxiety. I worried incessantly about money, my job, my relationships, what other people thought about me and more than anything I worried that I would never find my higher calling. I had a growing fear that I would never have, do, or be enough. And one day I decided I had finally had enough. I was sick of living in constant anxiety, letting my ego run my life and being in fear. Through yoga, meditation, energy work, and a lot of self-study I was able to finally start living and loving my life without the nagging voice of my ego running the show. Now I’m confident, I know my purpose, and above all I’m truly happier than ever.

If you like I did, feel stuck or blocked from living your best life, if fear is holding you back from your dreams, I’m here to help. I’ve written a book with all of my best tip, tricks, tools and practices based on my experiences overcoming my own fears and from my years of studying and teaching yoga and Reiki and coaching private clients out of their ego’s grasp. But, it takes a long time for a book to become born and published. I didn’t want you to have to wait one more minute for your joy to come in. So I’ve created a vlog series for you to help you journey out of fear and into your joy.

This isn’t a blog about why you want to be fearless, you know WHY. You’re sick of worrying about paying bills. You feel stuck in a job you don’t love but are afraid to leave it to follow your passions. You’re sick of the drama in your relationships. And mostly you don’t want to feel any more like you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, successful enough. ENOUGH! I’m going to help you overcome all of that.

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Together we can break through your blocks, cultivate confidence, and find and fulfill your purpose.

Here’s how:

Each week you’ll receive a new blog post. A video message from me, a new addition to the fearless playlist, a guided meditation, an affirmation, or one of the practices from my upcoming book. Or maybe all of the above if I’m really feeling it. Each week I will take you one step closer to living your greatest life, eliminating fear and cultivating confidence and clarity. Stay tuned. The next post will include the first lesson to overcoming your fear.

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