Three Minute Grounding Meditation

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Sit tall, close your eyes, allow your body and breath to soften and relax.

Imagine sitting beneath a great tree.

Feel your body resting on the ground and being fully supported by the strong trunk of the tree and the solid earth beneath you.

Imagine the sensation of a gentle breeze blowing over your body.

Notice birdsong around you.

Feel the warmth of the summer air.

Imagine breathing in deep breaths of this fresh air.

As you breathe in you feel nourished.
As you breathe out you feel yourself relax.

As you breath in again you feel energized.
As you breath out you feel calm.

As you breath in once more you feel a sense of peace wash over you.

As you breath out you surrender to this peace.

When you feel fully refreshed bring your palms together at your heart center sealing the peaceful energy within you. Slowly open your eyes.

Your practice is now complete.


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Be Peaceful,


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