Useless Emotions: Lesson 2 in the Fearless Video Series

Any emotions that doesn’t support you being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be or prevents you from living the best life you can possibly live is useless. Even a so called “negative” emotion can be useful if it propels you forward, causes you to grow, or ultimately improves your life experience. << Tweet that!

But, if you are caught up in ego based fearful thoughts that are just holding you back and preventing you from living your fullest most authentic life, guess what? They’re useless. Get rid of them! Stay tuned and I’ll show you how! The first practice is coming soon. Squeeee! But, for now just start to differentiate between when you are practicing useless fear and when you might actually be practicing useful caution. I’ll explain the difference in the video.

Listen close for the cutest little baby sneezes from my two month old son who obviously wasn’t sleeping like I thought 🙂

And, if you need to catch up just visit my YouTube channel and watch the “Fearless Video Series” playlist form the beginning.

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