What is The Ego and How to Stop Listening to It

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What is the ego? The ego is that incessant voice in your head telling you that you aren’t pretty enough, successful enough, rich enough, or otherwise qualified or worthy of happiness. Joy is your true nature.

The ego’s only goal is to keep you from your joy. Because the minute you realize your true self, the ego no longer has a job to do and ceases to exist. So in its own self-preservation it cannot stop causing you to believe in your own unworthiness. This is heartbreaking because too many times we listen to that voice of the ego instead of our true joyful self. We believe we are unworthy, we feel as though we can never have, do or be enough.

If you have a dream the ego will do and say anything to keep you from fulfilling it. It will convince you that you don’t have the money, power, or time to make your dreams a reality.

It will prevent you from finding a fulfilling relationship by telling you that you aren’t attractive or worthy of love.

It will prevent you from realizing financial abundance by keeping you focused on everything that you don’t have.

The first thing you can do to overcome the ego is to identify it. You will know you are listening to your ego because you will feel disempowered and self-conscious, you’ll doubt yourself and maybe even feel helpless or hopeless.

The ego always speaks in the negative, “You can’t… you aren’t… This isn’t the right time. You don’t have enough money. There’s just no way.“

Anytime you feel yourself being stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts you can be sure that you’re listening to the voice of the ego. The ego is as far away from your intuition as you can be, it will not provide you with answers that are helpful and will take you off your path.

So to stay on your path, to stay in your true joyful nature, and to tune into your inner knowing, recognize when you are listening to the ego, then stop and choose a better thought. What if you can do it? What if there is something better in store? What if you are good enough?

you are enough

The fact is, you are good enough. You are pretty enough. You are smart enough. You are enough! Claim that. Write it on a post it, pin ittweet it, own it. “I am enough.” Make that your mantra until you believe it.

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