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Wish you could

Check it out, Lightworkers!

I’ve got a great new tip for you this week! It’s all about getting crystal clear on your manifesting goals and making your dreams a reality.

Everyone wishes for something. (aka we all have a manifesting goal) maybe you’re hoping for more money, or trying to call in the next client or your dream job, or maybe you’re trying to manifest a dream vacation.

Personally, I’m trying to manifest┬ámy next┬ádream home! Our family has outgrown our current “nest” and it’s time for us to expand. And, I have a few business goals in mind as well.

And, I thought it would be cool to take you through my manifestation process. To teach you step by step exactly how I Manifest my dreams with grace and ease…. and I want to do it in real time!

So, I’ve created an epic opportunity to get LIVE manifesting mentorship, coaching, and tips, and a support group to help you master the processes. For 30 days I’m going to offering LIVE tips and taking Q&A in my Facebook group. I’m calling this the..

30 Day Manifest your Dreams Challenge! We start Monday May 9th! join for free now

But first I want you to get crystal clear on you manifesting goals, and create a visual anchor to keep you motivated and in the practice of consciously/purposefully cocreating. Check out this week’s episode of #lifeinthelight TV to get my first quick tip and more information about joining the challenge. Then sign up via the form below or click here

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I’ll see you in the challenge!





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