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The #1 Fear Holding You Back From Going For Your Dreams


Hello again,

Before we dive in to today’s topic I want to let you know that I truly deeply believe that if you have somehow made your way into my world it is because you are meant to be here. Maybe there is some bit of healing that you will receive, or a nugget o wisdom. or some inspiration, or a tool that you needed to learn…. I don’t know exactly what you will receive. But I know that if you’re open, you will receive the blessing or guidance you’ve been searching for.

And, that is why I love doing these weekly vlogs for you so much. Having these conversations with you here on the blog and inside our Facebook community and meeting all of you amazing lightworkers has truly been a great blessing to me. Thank you 🙂

Today I want to talk to you about your dreams…. your dreams for better health, more money, more fulfilling relationships…all of your dreams.

And I want to talk to you about the #1 fear and limiting belief that is stopping you from taking action and manifesting those dreams into reality.


What is your most often thought, or deepest felt, belief of fear that is preventing you from taking action? Why don’t you believe you can have what you want? What is stopping you from going for it?

Every single piece of work I put put into the world.. whether it’s an energy healing session, or I’m teaching people how to access their intuition, or I’m channeling angelic guidance, or I’m writing a blog, or teaching you how to manifest… you get the idea…. what I’m really doing is giving you tools to overcome your fear. My work is about being fearless . I want you to feel better sooner, faster, and know how to combat your fear next time it creeps up.

I want you to have high vibes that attract more of the experiences you want to have an less of the one’s you don’t. I want you to have everything you want, because I know you have a good heart and you’re here to do big things in the world. You will spread whatever good you receive.

As lightworkers, it’s our job to spread love, share our light, and teach others how to use the tools that we used to heal our own lives.  If that resonates with you, then this is especially for you.

If you believe that you have work to do here, then it is paramount for you to remove any blocks from doing that work. Including and especially your fear and limiting beliefs.

And, if you’re still in the space of healing your own life, and not ready or interested in sharing tools yet, no problem! I still want you to be happy, healthy, and have your dreams too!

So I have a practice for you that will help you identify what your #1 biggest fear is.

Watch today’s video below to get the practice and my tips for taking action today.


When you’re done I would love for you to come into our safe, private, community on Facebook, and let us support you. Come share what your dream is and what your biggest limiting belief is. Then tell us if you know how to overcome it, and help another sister out by giving her your tools and processes. Or, if you need help, get help! That’s what we’re all about.

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