Finding Your Life’s “Purpose” (I mean, your MISSION, lightworker)

Your Life Purpose episode 5

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You’ve been feeling an undeniable call to share your gifts, to step fully into your power, to be a full time lightworker and commit to your mission.

But you might still be confused about WHAT your “purpose” is.

I put “purpose” in quotes because I think sometimes people get confused about what that means. And my definition does NOT mean your career. But, because I know a lot of  metaphysical teachers use this word to describe your work as healer, or medium, or coach, etc… I want to make sure I clarify and that we’re on the same page.

Your Purpose, with a capitol P, is to be a spiritual being having a human experience and fully enjoy every moment of your life. Period. Full stop.

But often, as lightworkers, we have this strong inner knowing that living our life to the fullest means sharing our gifts/talentsknowledge/skills to help others. To be in service. And we know that this, also, is our Purpose.

Truly, it is our mission – “our” meaning YOU who is reading and resonating with this right now. you know who you are, you feel it. You always have.

And because this is the 21st century, stepping into our role as a full time lightworker, might mean collecting a paycheck for our services/products/work so that we don’t have to spend time doing something not aligned with our mission.

So, for the sake of this conversation, you will hear me use purpose interchangeable with mission and work… but just know that is not the full meaning of any Purpose.

so, now that we’re clear, I know you want to get to the good stuff.

You want to know what your purpose is. And, I’m here to help.

No, I’m not going to tell you what it is. Because…. I CAN’T! How the hell should I know! LOL! Kidding!

I want to empower you to look within. To find the answer for yourself. To trust your own inner knowing. You don’t need me. But, I am passionate about helping lightworkers find and fulfill their mission, start their spiritual business, and manifest money and clients for their work. SO…. I’ve put together a “quiz” to help you gain some insight to what your “purpose” might be.


Then follow along and answer honestly as you watch this week’s vlog/podcast. This was originally recorded inside my first ever Lightworker Biz Bootcamp. And I would love to have you join the current or next round. Click here to find out more and join:

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Peer support is EVERYTHING! See you in the group and in the video below!

much love,


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