Your True Self is Fearless + an Affirmation for Inner Peace


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We’re still at the beginning of our fearless journey, if you haven’t watched last week’s vlog yet (the first in this series) you can do that next just click here.

But, this week, I’m sharing an important lesson – your true self is fearless. Peace is your true nature.

(Que Lady Gaga *Baby, you were born this way*)

When you are in fear you aren’t listening to the wisdom of your higher-self, you’re ignoring your Divine guidance, or you don’t believe you have either. You feel chaotic, confused, panicked, and just…bad. But, this isn’t you, not really.

Yes, fear will always be a part of your human experience. You can never truly eliminate fear from your life (we talked about this on last week’s vlog here). But you can get and use tools that will return you to your true nature, peace, quickly and easily.

One of my favorite tools for returning to peace quickly is the affirmation “I am Peace.” (with a capitol “P”!)

It’s simple, powerful, effective…and true!

Repeat after me “I am Peace”.

Again.. “I am Peace.”

Seriously though…close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out… “I am Peace”.

Don’t you feel better? I do!

The more often you use this affirmation, the more powerful it becomes. You’ll start to send a signal to your brain, creating new neuro-pathways, that make returning to this state of peace and clarity easier and faster.

I love this affirmation so much that I created a free meditation audio track of it for you to listen to any time you need it. Get it here.

Honestly, I’m going to make it my new morning and evening meditation and make it the first thing I listen to when I wake up, and the last thing I hear before falling asleep. That way, it will be easier for me to maintain my peace all day.

Want to try it with me? If you do, let me know in the comments or in our Facebook community! (join for free here)

Now, I would love for you to check out today’s vlog on this topic and let me know your thoughts after you watch it. I’ve posted the video below- watch now – then leave me a comment below and let me know what your biggest take-away from today’s video was.

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PS: This Friday , 3/31/2017 at 11am EST I’ll be doing another Fearless Friday LiveStream on my Facebook page, answering your questions and sharing tools and support. Join me live here:

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