Connect to Your Higher Self

Your higher self is the seat of your intuition. It is all-loving, all-knowing, and always has your best interest at heart. It is your direct connection to cosmic consciousness.

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Often when I tune into my higher self I visualize it as a glowing light at my heart center. You may experience in any infinite number of ways but I find this has been a pretty easy visualization for my students as well. Try to imagine a light glowing at your heart center. Notice its color and warmth. Feel a sensation of peace washing over you.

Then go ahead, ask anything! This is where you can always seek wise council that is both loving and accurate! Your higher self is a part of you that you can never be with out and because it is a part of you it’s fairly easy to access its wisdom. And once you receive your answer, trust it! Say it with me “ I trust my inner knowing.”

Matter of fact, that’s a great affirmation for the week. Put it on a post not where you can see it then say it, daily. See it. Say it. Believe it. Then, Pin it and Tweet it!

inner knowing

Watch my video  then let’s chat! Leave me a comment or tweet me @iamkatiecmpbll #fearlessblog . I’d love to know how you connect to your higher self and what wisdom it shares. Talk to you soon!





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