Starting (or Restarting) Your Spiritual Practice – episode 1

I have been wanting to create a podcast for for YEARS! And, I have been receiving consistent intuitive guidance from day 1 of stepping into my role as a full time lightworker.

I’ve just been ignoring it…But, not anymore!

Today is the day I finally committed to allowing myself to be led in this direction.

I don’t know what will come of this, but I know it will be soooo good. So thank you for tuning in!

In today’s episode…..EPISODE 1!!!! AHHHH!!!!…. sorry not sorry for the excitement…

I’m sharing my 5 steps for starting (or restarting) your spiritual practice.

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So go ahead, and grab your notebook and dive in right now with the video (or audio ) below.






I shared my 5 steps for starting or restarting your spiritual practice. Here’s the recap:

Step 1: Follow Your Intuition 

You’re likely already receiving string intuitive hits about what to do next, or start doing, or stop doing, to heal your life, create abundance, find and fulfill your purpose, have better relationships, and anything else you might be praying for/trying to manifest…. but are you listening to it?

I share the 2 rules that I live by that will help you know when and how to trust your inner guidance and follow your heart. You have to allow yourself to be led, and do only what feels good and nothing that doesn’t.

Step 2: Find a Teacher

There is massive power in sitting across from someone physically and receiving not just wisdonm and coaching or guidance, but also the energy transmission that occurs between teacher and student that is unspoken – it’s all about the vibes, people. Get some!

But, while you’re “getting ready” as a “student” and waiting for your “teacher to appear” in physical form, you may also be led to a book, or a podcast, or blog, or metaphysical store, or conversation with friends..that can all serve as “teachers” as well. Look for it everywhere!

Step 3: Commit!

Make a promise to yourself that you will show up for yourself and do the work that is necessary to heal/change your life and get you where you want to be. Whether that’s in a deeper connection to the Divine, or just a more fulfilling romantic relationship, or more money in the bank… what are you willing to do to make it happen?

Don’t be lazy about your practice! And, don’t break the promises you make to yourself.

But, there’s one tricky thing about this…. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT or none of this will work.

Sure, you may not want to do your sun salutations, or spend 10 minutes meditating when you have so many other things to do… and Netlix sometimes feels more satisfying than journaling…. but is it really? Think about the long term goal and what you are trying to create for yourself.

The action might feel uncomfortable at first, but the results will be worth it!

Step 4: Create a Sacred Time & Space 

As in literally create a physical room, or corner of a room, where you can go to to be in the energy of your spiritual practice. Each time you do your work there, you build the energy. And soon enough, you will be able to feel the high vibes as soon as you step into your space and before you even sit to meditate or journal or whatever it is you’re going to do for your new spiritual practice rituals.

And, create a scared time, meaning you make an appointment with yourself to dedicate minutes or hours to this work, and you do NOT break it under any circumstances -see step 3 for clarification.

Step 5: Remember it’s Practice not Perfection

Some days you’ll half ass it, and that’s cool. Just do better next time. This isn’t a free pass to skip a day and binge watch and eat all the junk tv and food…. It just means to forgive yourself if you do, and try better next time.

And, it’s a reminder that you don’t ever get it done. You’re never finished. It’s a lifetime situation. You’re commited to this path. It might look different all the time, but you’re always in your practice (unless you’re not, and you’ll know when you’re not).

You’re in it for the long haul, baby.

Side note: Speaking of following my intuition and signs from above… If you watched all the way to the end of the video, or listened all the way to the end of the podcast I shared how I wrote down the notes for this podcast on a brown bag that my “hustle bunny” came in, in a flurry of Divine Downloads. And you know that the “hustle bunny” has some cool significance to why I started this podcast finally.

Here are some pics of the bag and the bunny – lol – crazy right?!







OK back to work…. so now that you’ve watched/listened all the way through, here’s what to do next…



Decide what your spiritual practice is going to be… journaling? salt baths weekly? daily meditation? dropping in to Tuesday night yin yoga classes?

Then do some research and find a teacher, mentor, or guide to help you!

Then, get our your day planner, or open up your fave calendar app and schedule your me time.


Then leave a comment below and let me know what your biggest AHA or takeaway from today’s episode was. And tell me what your spiritual practice will look like for you.

Have any questions about today’s topic? Ask them in the comments below!

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I am so pumped that you tuned in today. Thank you so much!!!

Much love and even more light,





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