What’s the Fastest Way out of Fear? Prayer! Specifically THIS Kind. 1

The fastest way out of your fear is to pray {new vlog}

Welcome back you beautiful beams of light! <3

Today I’m sharing with you my #1 way for getting out of fear fast…

This method is powerful, effective, and easy! Want to know what it is?

PRAYER! Did you guess that? Are you surprised or not? Are you confused? Were you expecting something more?

Let me explain why this works so well…

  1. If you have the wisdom enough to know that you need help and to ask for it, then you’ve already taken the first step in healing your problem no matter what it is. You’re already on your way to healing.
  2.  If you are asking for help then you are also willing to receive it, and it will reach you easier.
  3. If you are asking for help, you are proving to the Universe that you are hopeful that your circumstances can change. And that shift into hope is significant enough to cause the  physical manifestation of your dream/goal/desire.
  4. You are calling on Divine beings (God, angels, guides) to assist you, and when you ask for help you will receive it.
  5. When you do it in the way I describe in the video, your prayer is even more powerful. Watch below to find out what I mean.

In this week’s video I also take a moment to pray out loud with you. I’ve turned that prayer into a free printable page that you can frame and put on your altar, or put in your planner or on your desk or fridge, so that you will have a reminder to ask for guidance and protection daily. It will also help to raise the vibration of the space it is in.

Get your free printable prayer here:  http://katiecampbell.com/fearlessprayerdownload/

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    Hello Lightworkers -it’s Katie. Yes actually me not an assistant or something. Real life Katie. And, I want to hear from you! What was your biggest take away from today’s video? And did you print your free prayer? Let me know right here in the comments. I’m also here to answer any questions you might have so type them in below and I’ll check in again later on and respond <3

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