Making Heart Centered Choices

…is the Key to Joyful Living

Want to be less grumpy and more grateful? Sick of feeling like nothing ever works out for you? Or are you simply wondering which is the best path to take or choice to make?

The key to living a joyful and easy going life is to always make heart centered choice. Doing only the things that feel good to do and not doing things that don’t feel good to do.

Your higher self aka your higher heart, always knows what the best possible choice is for you, always has your best interest at heart, strives to keep you on  your path, and will always lead you to your greatest good.

So if you’re struggling, anxious, or just don’t know what to do, or simply want to feel better, learn to make heart centered choices.

The way to always make heart centered choices is to first identify the voice of your higher self. Then before you make any decision or anytime you aren’t sure what to do, tune into your heart center which is the home of your higher self and is in direct communication with God at all times.  Ask it what to do, which path to take.

When you are making choices based in the opinion of your ego your life will feel like a struggle. You’ll feel anxious and off center. You’ll feel overwhelmed. frustrated, and disappointed.

You higher self sounds loving, speaks positively and offers solutions, and gently guides you. It is never harsh, or judgmental. It won’t give you a “no” without showing you how you can receive a “yes”.

A heart centered choice always comes from a place of true knowing, from being non-attached to the outcome, and from love or joy. A heart centered choice will feel true, certain. comfortable, and easy.

A fear based choice always comes from a need to control, a fear based choices feels uncertain and wishy-washy, you’ll want to second guess it. Fear will always try to block you from making heart centered choices. But as you can guess it is more beneficial for you and your purpose to make choices and take any actions from your heart center and not from fear or the voice of the ego.

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When you are able to worry less, be more joyful, and have a general sense of ease and wellbeing as you move along your Life’s Path you can be sure that you have been following your heart. That’s the whole purpose and meaning of following your heart aka making heart centered choices, to make your life experience more peaceful, easy, and joyful.

When you worry so much, you don’t leave any room for joy. Tuning into your heart center gives you the space that you need to feel joyful. <Tweet this!

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