Take Back Your Power! + 5 Things That Are True About You

Take Back

I’m back from vacation!

That was a great few weeks off! I had so much fun in the Smoky Mountains. The Appalachians are goooooorgeous!

But I am also so happy to get back to all of you!

So let’s talk about taking back your power! Care givers, healers, parents, spouses, coaches this is for you. Everyone who’s anyone this is also for YOU!

You are responsible for the energy of the entire planet. You are so valuable. Do you know it?

There are five very important truths in this video that I want you to know. So please, watch, comment, and share!

Pin this pic, tweet this quote, and make this your affirmation for the week!

I am valuable.


See you again soon!

<3 Katie




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